Hardware for time recording by Datafox

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The multifunctional terminal EVO 4.3 represents a highlight of the most recently developed EVO-Line in the matter of time recording, look and feel. The terminal allows universal usage for time recording and also (optional) for access control (up to 8 doors).

Based on the Datafox embedded-system and equipped with state-of-the-art technology, data is gathered and transfered to the time management system accurately and fast. Consequently, payroll accounting, calculations and reporting can happen promptly. The terminal provides a capacitive glass touch key field by default. This includes buttons for coming, leaving, break and errand clockings. Additionally, employees can retrieve personal data right at the device, such as their current balance value or remaining vacation days, and so on.

The color LCD display and the fine black glass front is surrounded by a high-quality eloxated aluminum frame. Since enclosure type IP54 is standard for the multifunctional terminal, it is throughout suitable for daily use.

Hardware for time recording by KABA

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Kaba offers - with the new time recording terminal B-Web 93 20 - a starter terminal for the time registration, which opens many possibilities to the user. With its rounded off design it completes optically the new terminal series of B-Web.

The adjustable terminal B-Web 93 20 owns 5 function keys with those all standard functions of the time recording are covered. The terminal registers the coming / leaving times as well as business errand and offers with the query key the possibility to request information. The system is adjustable on the application and can be adapted to the individual desires.

It owns a data memory for approx. 4,000 book entries and up to 200 master records, 5 function keys, a numeric keyboard and an illuminated QVGA-display, e.g. for the announcement of time balances.   

For data capturing all readers, e.g. LEGIC, Mifare, Hitag as well as the CBM (Compact Biometric module) are available.

By its classical function range and its favorable price the terminal B-Web 93 20 is particularly suitable as solution for smaller enterprises and branch enterprises.

Hardware for factory data capture by KABA

With the multi-function terminal B-Net 95 80 Kaba sets new yardsticks within the ranges time recording, factory data capture, employee self service, information, workflow, cafeteria data acquisition, application of portals and internet connection point.

Kaba offers with the multi-function terminal B-Net 95 80 a solution for many applications. While terminals so far mostly were used for a completely determined purpose, the trend with PC-based terminals goes more towards multi-function terminals.

Compared with most industry PCs and FDC terminals available today in the market, the B-Net 95 80 disposes not only a high functional reliability around the clock, but also still over a whole number of additional advantages.

The robust, glass fiber-strengthens housings forgives also light impacts, which would lead - with a metal housing - to deformations and thus leakage. Resistant against environmental factors like heat, cold, moisture, dust and shock this terminal also stands the ground in rough manufacture.

The TFT display is suited for daylight. Therefore, e.g., orders with their accompanying information can be also indicated with strong upper light.  

The touch screen PC reacts to touches and is also easily servable with gloves. Kaba relies on high quality of the components. The 12" touch screen is laid out with a resolution of 4.096x4.096 touch dots for a life time of 35 millions perfect touches at every place.

Mobile data capture by Datafox

Datafox offers terminals with the time recording terminal TimeboyIII for the time registration, which in particular in the range employee time recording, order time collection, factory data capture and mobile data acquisition are used.

The TimeboyIII is a graceful designed, inexpensive and robust time recording terminal, used in the interior and in the external area (IP65, temperatures from - 20°C to +60 °C) as well. The terminal has a color TFT display with 1,9“ and a resolution of 220x176 pixel. The time recording terminal has 25 function keys, with which all built-in functions of the time recording are covered. Since the TimeboyIII has a memory of approx. 1 MB Flash memory, sufficiently storage for several thousand datasets is present.

In the area of mobile time recording the device is suited very well to grasp data, e.g. in following sectors: on building sites, within the care area, in the handicraft, in the logistics, in the production, etc. Beside the mobile time recording in combination with the vehicle data collector and the GPS receiver, vehicle data can be captured. Thus you receive information about who drove the vehicle which stops were done, which distance was driven, when which building site was started, or when which building site was reached, etc.