TempVision encloses the areas time recording, duty planning, factory data capture, admission control and is conceived for the national as well as international application.

Before the background of a 20-year-old project experience by more than 1000 installations, TempVision offers a wide platform in individual solution possibilities for many different requirements. The illustration of all wage-relevant calculation methods on basis of the respective collective agreements and/or employment agreements supports the personnel department with the completion of periodic routine tasks.

The huge number of the bidirectional interfaces to other NAV modules underlines the product character as a component of the integrated information processing within Microsoft Dynamics NAV. The data management is based on MS-SQL, therefore a subsequent treatment is guaranteed in system-spreading modules.

All Tempras solutions correspond to the Microsoft "Statement of Direction" and are constantly being developed. TempVision will be upgraded within 3 months of a new Microsoft Dynamics NAV release. As a customer, you can therefore be sure that our software is always compatible with the most current version of Microsoft Dynamics NAV. 

General Information