Admission Manager

With the admission control Bedanet 92 90 the entire product spectrum of the Kaba GmbH specialized in enterprise data acquisition can be extended to a constant admission solution. The Bedanet 92 90 has due to its decision logic and plausibility checks a very high autonomy. On account of its capability characteristics it can be inserted flexibly into each security concept.

Subterminals for admission control

As a subterminal the B-Net 91 05 is connected to a superior control, for example, an admission manager or a terminal from the B-Net series. This control is installed in a safe area, in the B-Net 91 05 the identity card contents is read / checked, interpreted and evaluated.

Then on account of this decision the barrier or door is opened or however, if the employee is not entitled, the luminous ring LED changes from green - with a short beep – to red and signals the refusal of the admission.